Sound meditation

Let IO Project take you on a guided sound meditation using gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystals bowls & original field recordings from Ibiza: to help you let go, deeply relax, & enter into a deep meditative state. All you have to do is lie down, close your eyes, relax and let the sound wash over you. You’ll finish the session feeling centered, rested and at peace.

Featuring original field recordings taken at Es Vedra, Ibiza of crickets, humming birds and wild frogs.   Featuring: Paiste symphonic gong, Paiste venus gong, Paiste earth gong, wah wah pipes, Tibetan singing bowls, rain sticks, twilight shanti chimes, tuning forks (111hz & 432hz), crystal bowls, Peruvian rattles, Amazonian rattles.    

Gong Master- Sam Povey-Hall Produced by Aaron Horn  

About IO Project

Goldierocks started IO Project in response to feeling burnt out after years of touring the world DJing. With an aim to help bring the benefits of meditation to people who struggle to traditionally meditate. IO Project experiences are full of love, ritual and hippie good vibes but with a bit more contemporary attitude & delivery so they’re accessible & meaningful to a sophisticated, urban, contemporary clientele. Her ultimate goal? To make sound therapy & positive mental health practices mainstream.

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Sound Meditation