Finding Your Voice
With Chelsea Leyland

British DJ, entrepreneur and medical cannabis & epilepsy activist – Chelsea Leyland has suffered from Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy since the age of 15 and has been a witness to her younger sister Tasmin’s severe epilepsy all her life.

In this video, she unfolds her challenges growing up and calls attention to the need for more conversation about this topic. A promoter of the power of passion and connecting it to your purpose,  Chelsea has devoted her life to advocacy-led work. She openly shares her own Cannabis journey and how she has  transformed her life through cannabinoids (CBD) - or the “magic compound” as she calls it – that has helped her epilepsy, made her feel whole again and improved her overall quality of life. 

A motivated, freethinker and activist,  Chelsea has stepped into her strength, discovered her life purpose and regained her confidence. She has found power in connecting and helping others through the same struggles she faced, fighting for the vulnerable and giving them a voice

This inspirational video is a must watch for any aspiring activists and anyone who is looking to turn their passion into purpose. 

About Chelsea Leyland

Chelsea Leyland is a British DJ and medical cannabis/epilepsy activist based in Brooklyn, New York.

Chelsea suffers from a type of epilepsy called ‘Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy’ (JME), which she has been battling since her early teens. In 2016, Chelsea made the brave and life-changing decision to wean herself off her strong pharmaceutical anti-seizure medications and treat her epilepsy solely with medical cannabis.

Leyland has used her experiences and her platform to become a leading advocate for the destigmatization of both epilepsy and medical cannabis. Through her advocacy-led work, she has spoken on multiple medical cannabis panels, conducted informative talks, and has been a guest in educational podcasts to open up the conversation about this topic and the issues surrounding it.

Chelsea is also the co-founder of Looni, a new female founded and medically formulated menstrual wellbeing brand launching soon.

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