With The Wellness Works

For a peaceful night’s sleep, join Deanne and Holly from The Wellness Works for an hour long yoga practice. Begin with some alternate nostril breathing (nadi shodhana pranayama) to calm the racing mind, followed a slow & juicy flow to work on opening up & releasing tension within the body, ending with a long restful savasana with meditation & a reading to close.

Many people experience sleep issues as a result of stress and anxiety - two common factors in our daily life, especially with the constant stimulation of living in a digital world. Yoga can help in alleviating some of these negative emotions and thus help to improve sleep. 

The Wellness Works is an online yoga & wellness sanctuary offering complete nourishment for the mind, body and soul. It is a guide to living well in the modern world. 

Experience With... OTO CBD Sleep Drops

OTO CBD Sleep Drops contains 10% CBD as well a complementary blend of botanicals like lavender and butterfly pea flower, hand-selected to help you wind down, relax and better prepare for a peaceful night's sleep. Uniquely designed to deliver an exact and effective dose of 50MG of CBD at the simple push of a button, our one-of-a-kind tincture also provides a refreshing taste of field mint making it both stress-free and enjoyable to use after brushing your teeth.

By using under the tongue, CBD is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, making it a fast-acting way to prepare for a better night's sleep. The 15ml bottle also contains exactly 30 doses, designed to last you a full 30 days.

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