It has always been OTO CBD’s mission to help others to find their space using the power of CBD, however if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that everyone should be able to find a space, just for them, wherever they are, for free.

Find Your Space is our digital wellness platform, filled with functional resources that sit across OTO’s three pillars; to help you find focus, amplify the moment and restore balance. The classes, talks, videos and playlists featured on the hub are all thoughtfully created with purpose in mind, and offered free to OTO customers and community with the sole intention of helping as many people as possible. Welcome to Find Your Space.

OTO started as a group of passionate, talented friends who sought to use the power of CBD to help ourselves and others. Across most of the world, the benefits of CBD remained a mystery... misunderstood and mis-sold. That shouldn’t be the case.

Now more than ever people need help with anxiety, sleep, energy, insomnia and pain. And so a group of entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, and manufacturers, we combined to create a series of beautiful, thoughtful and effective products, with optimum levels of CBD, that easily and enjoyably fit into daily lives. Through our unique curation process, we source pure CBD, combined with the highest quality essential oils, scents and flavours from around the globe, to help you discover the power of CBD.

If you want to find our more about OTO CBD, why not visit some of our spaces & join our OTO Community

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